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The FitSense Class Booking App

May 10, 2021 @ 3:09 pm

FitSense AppNEW – Advanced Booking Policy

Our new booking policy requires you to book your gym or class visit IN ADVANCE (as usual, Members can book the day before you want to visit). This is so we can manage the number of people in the Club at any one time, ensuring compliance with social distancing guidelines and keeping you, your fellow members and staff safe.

You can pre-book your visits easily in the FitSense Member App. If you don’t have FitSense, you can download it FREE from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded FitSense, you will need to activate your FitSense account. You do this by following the steps below:

1. Select Member Sign In

2. Select ‘Activate My Account’

3. Complete your details. Please ensure you use the email address that we have on record. If you have any difficulties, please call us as we may have a different email noted or no email at all.

4. Your password will be automatically generated and emailed to you.

5. You can then login to FitSense and set up your profile. You will also be able to change your password to something more memorable, after you have logged in for the first time.

6. Finally, if you have any difficulties logging in, please call us on 01932 225953 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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