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Opening Membership Offer: 3 Personal Training Sessions for £30!

When you join Fresh Gym we want to give you the very best possible start to your training. Whether you’re new to a gym environment or a seasoned gym-goer, a Trainer will give you a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge your body and your mind. With their expert guidance and an objective eye, you’ll get results and maximise the effectiveness of your training.

If you want to build strength, manage weight, increase your general fitness levels, rehabilitate or if you have a sports specific goal in mind – you’ll achieve more effective results with the guidance and step-by-step approach of a Personal Trainer.

That’s why we give you the opportunity, when you join Fresh, to purchase 3 Personal Training Sessions at a massive discount of just £30*. It’s a great way to kick-start your training.

*Discounted from £75

Top 10 Reasons to work with a Personal Trainer

  • Personalised workout – assessment of your specific needs, injuries, health conditions and training goals.
  • Long-term guidance and motivation – providing structure and doing the ‘thinking’ for you.
  • Maximise your training time – setting your schedule to get the most out of your workout without overdoing it.
  • Accountability – no excuses! Plus your trainer reminds you of your reasons for wanting to exercise.
  • Set your schedule – guiding you with what to do on the days you aren’t working with them.
  • Life-long skills – providing you with knowledge, resources, guidance, training and skills.
  • Challenge you – showing you areas you could improve and where you might push yourself a little harder.
  • New ideas and equipment – with experience in many different types of workouts they’ll show you how to mix it up.
  • Lose stubborn fat – build and maintain muscle mass, increase calorie expenditure.
  • Setting the stage for a healthier future – hiring a qualified PT can help lead to a healthier, happier and more functionally active future.

Initially you may need to see your trainer more often to get on the right track; however, once you’ve learned what to do and how to do it, you can spread your sessions out more. Consider these sessions your ‘review, revise and revitalise’ check ups.

Prices from £40 per hour / £25 per 30 minute session

Paired Training and Small Group Personal Training

Working out with others is often easier and more fun. It gives you the opportunity to feed off others and research shows you’re more likely to be consistent when you’re accountable to a group or friend. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to keep you motivated and working that little bit harder!

You’ll benefit from the personal attention of your Trainer in a paired or small group session; and from their level of expertise and knowledge. Plus you can still learn from others within your group as you talk about your progress and the challenges you face with one another.

  • Fresh Personal Trainers offer Small Group and Paired Training
  • Easy social distancing
  • Safe indoor and outdoor training spaces
  • Fun, effective fitness

Interested in finding out more about Fresh Personal Training or booking a taster session? We want as many people as possible to benefit from experiencing this fantastic way of training which is why we’re offering you the chance to book a taster session at a reduced rate of £15. Simply call or email us to book your place.

"I would like to show my gratitude to the Fresh Team, as you are all very friendly and cooperative. It's proving a wonderful experience training at Fresh." FW

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