Fresh Kids Parties - Roller Disco UV Glow Party

What to expect – at a Roller Disco UV Glow Party 

Below is an outline guide of what to expect, though we can customise each party to best suit your party needs. Please be aware, this may vary slightly on the day, depending on the group attending. 

Roller Disco UV Glow Party – structure of the party

  • A Roller Disco is always 2 hours in duration.
  • For the first 30 mins of the party, your Party Team will assist children in putting on skates and safety equipment. Safety equipment must be worn.
  • Skates from home can be worn as long as they are quads and not in-line skates.
  • Cycle helmets can be worn if you prefer to wear these instead of those provided.
  • During this time the main lights will be on and children can practice skating.
  • After approximately 30 mins, the main lights will go off, leaving the disco lights on and ready for the main disco to start.
  • The Party Team will play some special Roller Disco games.
  • You can opt for additional glow accessory packs for extra glow fun during the party.
  • All Bookees will need to sign our disclaimer and all parents will need to agree to a disclaimer when signing their child in to attend. A copy of the Disclaimer can be found here
  • Followed by food, please see ‘Time for Food – All Parties’.


Our venue is unable to permit alcohol, indoor fireworks/sparklers/fountain candles/poppers, and animals – with the exception of guide dogs. The venue and school grounds are all no smoking. 

Child Supervision 

During the party, your party team will supervise each activity they are running or each piece of equipment they are stationed at. General care, such as taking children to the toilet or children leaving the party room in use, falls upon the child’s attending adult/parent/guardian or if the child has been left, with you at the party Bookee.  

Please plan for enough adults to assist you with general care if you wish to offer guests the choice to leave their children in your care. 

We have a sign-in sheet for guests to register as they arrive. If you would like us to, we can remove the column, on the sign-in sheet, where it is asked if they are staying or leaving their child in your care and we can request all adults stay to supervise their child. 

On the day of the Party 

Arrival is 15 mins prior to your party booking, please note you will not be able to access the party halls before this. You will have a dedicated party team on hand at this time to help bring in your party food, party bags, cake etc.  

The halls will be ready and decorated, tables will be set with chairs for the number of children booked and there will be vinyl, bright coloured-tablecloths on the tables. There are 2 large top tables for you to use as you choose – perhaps for presents and cake plus a drinks table with jugs of water and enough cups for each of the children booked, allowing the children to keep hydrated throughout the party activity. 

At the end of the party, your party team will help to clear any discarded food and clean and tidy for you. They will be on hand to help carry any presents, remaining cake and any other items you wish to keep, to the reception area. 

Please note, when your party end is announced the team will start to prepare for the next party Bookees to arrive (who will be due 15 mins after your party end). 

What to bring to the party 

Below is a popular list of items you may wish to bring on the day: 

  • Party food 
  • Plates/cups/napkins (required for self-catering or our catering platters). Please note if you have ordered Fresh Kids Lunch Box catering these come with napkins, spoons (if needed). 
  • Birthday Candles 
  • Lighter or matches for the birthday cake 
  • A helium balloon to personalise the decorations we already have up 
  • Party bags / books / sweet cones / party gift 
  • Cake and Cake knife (if cutting & wrapping the cake during the party) or cupcake alternative 
  • Squash to add to a water jug on the drinks table, as an alternative to plain water 
  • Additional soft drinks options to add to the drinks table 
  • Juice boxes or cartons to offer children during party food 
  • Biscuits/nibbles for adults 

Tea / Coffee 

All parties, except the Rainbow* party package, come with use of a tea and coffee station for adults. There will be 2 hot water urns with child safety locks, milk, tea, coffee and sugar with some hot cups for use. This will be located in the hall way. You are welcome to put biscuits here for adults if you choose. 

Please ensure safety locks and put back on after use. 

Hot drinks and Kettles are strictly not permitted in the party hall.  


Parties are self-catered, however you can choose to add our Catering to your party package for the ultimate hassle free party. Our Catering Order Form is available here and further information is available to view here. 

Catering can be ordered any time up to 8 days prior to the party date. To book catering complete the Catering Order Form and send a copy of the form (photos accepted) to Your order will be processed and a £50 catering deposit will be processed (using the same encrypted card details as your original booking). Your party booking will be updated with your catering order and you will be notified by confirmation email. 

You should receive a confirmation email once you’ve added catering – please do email us direct if you do not receive it. 

Please note, Catering platters of food come on platters and do not include plates or napkins. Only party lunch boxes come with a free Lenny the Lion mascot visit (see Lenny the Lion Mascot). 

Self-Catered Party  

Your party team on the day will assist you with laying out and serving food. Please note, we do not have a kitchen onsite and no electrical sockets available to plug in any kitchen apparatus. 

Time for Food – all Parties 

The food is always the last 30 mins of the party. This cannot be moved to a different time. 

We recommend presenting the cake either at the start of food or midway through. If you haven’t pre-selected a preference, your Party Leader will check with you that you have your cake, candles, lighter/matches ready 10 mins into the food time slot and once you give them a thumbs up, they will turn the music and lights off, announce the Birthday cake and start the singing. 

Please note, we recommend presenting the cake at the start of the food, to give you enough time to wrap and slice the cake if you are planning to give it out at the end of the party. Don’t forget! Your cake knife and napkins! 

Alternatively, a popular idea is to have a smaller Birthday cake for presenting (and enjoying later at home) and having separate cupcakes to hand out at the end of the party. 

Approximately 15-20 mins after the start of food, the Party team will make an announcement for any children who have finished their food and wish to, to queue for one last swing on the rope swing before the party ends. If any children are still eating, they can of course continue to do so.  

Please note, the rope swing at the end is a short activity to keep children who have finished food early entertained, there may not be time for all children to have a turn. (If the rope swing is a favourite activity, be sure to book a Rainbow or Classic Party Time party to ensure optimal rope swing time.) 

Food Location – All Parties 

Food is always served in the Gymnasium Hall.  

All parties will have the rope swing open for the final 10-15 mins of the party, if time allows. 

Please note, the Gymnasium Hall may be preset with Party Time party play equipment. If your party package does not include this equipment, then it will not be open for use. 

Lenny the Lion Mascot visit with balloons 

Our famous Lenny the Lion mascot can visit your party. Lenny joins in games, poses for photos and is just super fun! Lenny even likes to be goalie at football parties when penalties take place. Lenny returns at the end of the party to wave guests off as they leave and also presents each child with a balloon on a wand. 

Lenny the Lion is included FREE when you choose our Lunch Box Catering or can be booked as an optional extra at any party.  

Lenny joins in the party during the second activity for a Partytime party and at the end section of Sports or Disco parties. 

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