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“Don’t say you haven’t got time” by Matt

April 20, 2016 @ 7:37 pm

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A week has 168 hours.

Let’s say you sleep for 48 hours a week.

That leaves you 120 waking hours in a week.

Taking away 50 for work and travel leaves 70 hours a week for YOU to do whatever YOU want. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

So is it OK to spend a minimum of 3 hours on yourself to go training every week? Yes it is.

67 hours left.

Is it OK to spend at least 6 hours prepping and cooking good food for you and your family? Then spend at least 6 hours eating together? Yes it is.

55 left.

What about a minimum of 21 hours to see friends, family and play with the kids? That’s a good idea.

34 left.

How about 8 hours for TV? Yeah, if you really want.

26 to go.

8 hours for hobbies or study? Cool.

Personal Trainer Matt Philpott

18 hours left.

Bathing and personal hygiene 3 hours a week? Please do this bit..!!

So now you’ve got 15 hours spare to do whatever floats your boat.

Bottomline is, whatever YOU do with YOUR 70 hours is YOUR CHOICE.

No-one should feel guilty for finding the time to do any of the activities mentioned.

BUT….YOU should feel guilty if you say you don’t have the time to train, time to prep and eat good food together, time to see friends and family, time to play with the kids and time to do the things that make you smile 🙂

Each and every one of us is given the same 168 hours a week and millions of people who have equally busy lives do find the time to do all of the above.

One thing is for sure though, if you keep failing to achieve your goals it’s definitely not time’s fault.

Matt Philpott is an experienced personal trainer – previously a professional athlete and coach – at Fresh. If you’d like to chat to Matt about fitting effective training into your busy schedule, please call 01932 225953 or email


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