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Posts from April 2020

Virtually Fresh – Morning Yoga Flow with Emma

April 19, 2020 . 8:50 am

Join Fresh Class Instructor, Emma, for a 30 minute Yoga Flow class. A perfect start to your day. Namaste #keepingsheppertonactive #trainfresh

Virtually Fresh – Dance Fit with Vicky Class 2

April 16, 2020 . 5:25 pm

Join Fresh Class Instructor, Vicky, for 30 minutes of Dance Fit. Lots of different dances at different intensities, for you to enjoy and have fun! No dance experience required. #keepingsheppertonsafe #trainfresh

Virtually Fresh – Strengthen & Sculpt Body Conditioning with Muna

April 14, 2020 . 8:49 am

Join Fresh Personal Trainer, Muna, as she takes you through a 30-minute Body Conditioning class to strengthen and tone. Improve your form and technique, build confidence whilst you sculpt your body. You’ll finish feeling strong! #keepingsheppertonactive  #trainfresh

Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Yoga Flow and Meditation with Candido

April 9, 2020 . 5:05 pm

Join Fresh Class Instructor, Candido, in this 30-minute Yoga class. Candido will take you through a warm up, slow flow and meditation. Namaste #keepingsheppertonactive #trainfresh

Virtually Fresh – Dance Fit with Vicky

April 9, 2020 . 8:41 am

Join Fresh Class Instructor, Vicky, for Dance Fit – that’s 30 minutes of different dance styles designed to raise your heart rate, burn the calories, work your bodies and your brains! No experience needed – everyone can join in. #keepingsheppertonactive #trainfresh

Virtually Fresh – floor filler tracks for a Zumba party with Cheryl

April 8, 2020 . 5:32 pm

Join Fresh Class Instructor Cheryl for a high energy Zumba workout! Get your booties off the sofa and come and join the Zumba party. This is a fun-packed 30 minutes of Zumba, including tracks that are floor fillers). Put your best foot or shimmy forward and keep smiling. Even if this is your first time remember – no-one can see you! #keepingsheppertonactive #trainfresh

Virtually Fresh T45 Body Workout with Ildi – no weights required

April 8, 2020 . 8:37 am

Join Fresh Gym Class Instructor, Ildi, as she takes you through a 30 minute whole body workout. This session with build lean muscles while burning lots of calories. Use with or without weights. Perfect for beginners or intermediate levels. #keepingsheppertonactive #trainfresh

Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Home Yoga Practice with Hilary

April 7, 2020 . 5:29 pm

Join Fresh Gym Class Instructor, Hilary, for this fun 30 minute flow to feel alive. A special at-home practice in a sunny (but windy) garden. Sequences to open up the heart and hips, accepting a change in perspective as we peak with wild thing/flipdog pose. A welcoming sense of peacefulness and ease for both mind and body. #keepingsheppertonactive #trainfresh

Facebook Live – FreshGym – Class Timetable

April 6, 2020 . 12:18 pm

Kick off your week with Live workouts on our facebook page. This week we’re bringing you even more great classes to join in at home or in the garden during, what promises to be, a week of lovely sunshine! Join our Fresh Personal Trainers and Class Instructors as they put you through your paces. Stay motivated, make time to exercise – mix things up by trying different class types … find your Zen, work your abs with Adam’s circuits or

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Virtually Fresh – 30 Minute Booty Blast with Rachael

April 6, 2020 . 8:40 am

Join Fresh Gym Personal Trainer, Rachael, for 30 minutes of glutes and legs! This Booty Blast class is a comprehensive lower body workout that will tone and tighten from your abs to your hips all the way down to your heels. You’ll improve and strengthen your bottom, legs, hips, lower back, inner and outer thighs. Join in – it’s a class for everyone! #keepingsheppertonactive #trainfresh

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